Why Holistic?

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.”

 ~ Buddha

What do we mean by a holistic breathwork and yoga retreat? 

Yoga is not only physical exercises for us, it is our art of living, which includes all aspects of life. We want to cover all aspects of life in our retreats, from the body and mind, to emotions, feelings, and life purpose.

By using different yoga styles, pranayamas, breathwork, various meditation techniques, sound, and a well-considered diet, we created unique holistic retreats for your body and soul.  

During the retreat, you can let go of the past, find new answers for your life,  and discover your body and mind in a new way.


Air (prana) fuels our bodies and allows us to go between our internal and external worlds. 

With breathwork and pranayama, we utilise the element of air in our retreats. The breath in and out is the opening and contraction of the muscles and the mind. 


Water is our fluidity and connection. 

With daily meditation practice, we train our ability to hold thoughts consciously and at the same time, let them go. By deepening our practice, we understand that in our life we are the ocean, not the wave. 


Fire combines our discipline with transformation and inspiration. 

With daily yoga practice at our retreats, we create heat, strength, and energy in our bodies. We can use this fire in meditation, breathwork, and pranayama to create a change in our lives.


Earth is the foundation, structure, and cohesion of our life. 

Only when we feed our body the right things, we can feel centred, grounded, or authentic. That is why we give so much value to the quality of the food we eat at our Husma retreats.

About us

Husma Retreats was founded by Alex & Martina while running their own yoga retreat center on the beach (Green Peace Inn - Yoga | Health | Retreats) in Sri Lanka. 

The intention behind creating a new project was to make it more international, to bring their retreats to other countries, and to have a stronger focus on life-changing holistic breathwork and yoga practices. All their knowledge from holding various retreats and completing training courses from around the world comes together into Husma Retreats. 

In Sinhala (the native language in Sri Lanka), husma means  "breath", which is the core focus of all Husma retreats. 


About Breathwork

Breathwork can be described as a portal and door to our internal and external world. In one session you can give space, expansion and opportunity for shifts, movement, insights,  and change. It creates the chance to come back to our bodies that hold us so dearly and work non-stop so that we may exist here and now. Let us say thank you by giving our bodies it’s most nutrient superfood… Air.

Upcoming Retreats

8-day intensive breathwork & yoga retreat

01.-08. Dec. 2021

20.-27. Dec. 2021

12.-19. Jan. 2022

02.-09. Feb. 2022

06.-13. Mar. 2022

25. Mar. - 01. Apr. 2022

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Molly, 25, Copywriter

My breathwork experience with Martina was incredible to say the least. After trying the workshop several times, I found it hard to really breathe deeply. Martina is a caring teacher that offered to do a one on one session. This allowed me to reach my full potential and truly let go. She is an amazing teacher that I think all her workshops can attest to.

David, Artist, CH

We loved absolutely everything about our recent retreat: the loving people, the amazing yoga classes and breathwork, the helpful hosts, the food (still dreaming about our breakfasts and dinners together and all the other like-minded guests staying there during our retreat.

Rebecca, Makeup manager, UK

I went to the breathing workshop with Alex and Martina. I have never done this before, only bits of yoga, so had no expectations. I really can't describe how profound I found the class. I reconnected with myself in ways I never thought possible from 'just breathing'. Martina and Alex made me feel really safe and the class itself was an open space where anything was accepted.  Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx I really hope to come back again xxx you're wonderful people

"Enjoy Yoga and Breathwork in an amazing surrounding with the nicest people. Watch the sunset while doing Yin, become more present through the Breathwork sessions and get healthier each day by eating delicious food."

This retreat is such a wonderful, warm, safe and inviting space. Martina + Alex really helped me come back to myself after trauma and a really stressful year. Always giving tips for how to use back in your day to day life."

This week was pure magic. I'm so grateful for this experience and thankful that Alex and Martina created this retreat and guided us with so much love through this week."

"Martina & Alex created a very unique and lovely place. They care for you in many ways and give you the opportunity to make new experiences. The retreat center in Sri Lanka is directly at the beach and you will looove the food!"

I attended the Breathwork Retreat and with a great mixture of Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork and the amazing guidance of Martina & Alex and the crew I have come so far in my personal development, healing wounds and knowing how I would like to change & what I have to do to get there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"The love for detail in this retreat is just amazing! The Yoga & Breathwork sessions are lovely, so many insights and input & soooo super delicious food. Created with so much love & passion. A peaceful, relaxing and super delicious week."