What is Coaching/Individual Integrative Holistic Guidance?

Put simply, coaching is a process to unlock and see your own potential and find clarity in what you want in your life.

Personally, we prefer to use ‘Individual Integrative Holistic Guidance’ instead of coaching, as it more accurately describes the work we are doing with you.

We see each person as an INDIVIDUAL. As we all have lived through different experiences in life, this means what might work for one doesn't mean it will work for another.

For an effective process, we use individual, HOLISTIC methods/tools to work on a physical, mental, and conscious levels. We want to include all aspects of life with the knowledge of how our body, mind & consciousness (spirit) relate to each other.

The first step of change is awareness, the next is acceptance and then integration. For us, it is not only essential to guide you to your insights about yourself, but even more so, to teach you an INTEGRATIVE approach to what is discovered.


Either online (via Zoom) or in-person (depending on the facilitators current location).


Single coaching session: Approx. 1 hrs

EUR 100 // EUR 150

3x Coaching sessions 

EUR 250 // EUR 300