WE ARE LOVE - Gathering

Intention / Why do we do this gathering?

We’ve met amazing beings like yourself on our paths and we feel that now is the right time that we all gather with an intention. The intention of this gathering is to bring outstanding heart centered individuals together for positive change in this world. A desired outcome of the gathering would be collaboration between friends so that they can support each other on their projects or dreams to make a positive change.

After we have met each other and connected on deeper levels, we want to invite all of you to share your dreams and projects on Saturday. It’s optional to present and the state of the project or dream doesn’t matter. It’s more about creating a space and time for people to talk about their vision. It will be a moderated discussion panel with presentations of individual projects.  Only once we start sharing them, can we find collaboration and receive valuable feedback that will help move them to the next level. It can be anything! Anything that makes this world a better place. 

We will send more info and questions out after we know who is coming. 



It’s been a journey finding a suitable place for the gathering this coming summer but we’ve found a beautiful spot surrounded by nature where the medicine is welcome and we can gather in harmony while reconnecting with ourselves, the land and the spirits.

Nomadshala.one will be based in Provence in the south of France this Summer. The closest city is Avignon and the nearby airports are Marseille or Montpellier. There is a fast TGV connection to Avignon.  We’ll share the exact location a few weeks before the gathering. Since we are all spread around the world there is no perfect location for everyone but the values and principles of the people running nomandshala are very much aligned with ours. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the south of France.



You can arrive as early as Tuesday the 2nd of June, the official program will start on Thursday the 4th of June at 17:00.  

We can’t accept any arrivals after that nor visits for individual days!  

We’ll finish on Sunday the 7th of June around lunch time. Sunday will be easy going, if you find a more suitable early flight feel free to leave earlier. We expect everyone to stay till Sunday (early) morning!

We have chosen these dates due to the full moon lunar eclipse that is happening on Friday evening the 5th of June - during the time of our ceremony.



The agenda is still in progress and will also depend on the people who will register. Here are a few points that we want to include:

Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Cacao, Dance, Kirtan, Sweatlodge, Grandmother ceremony, Psychedelic Dinner, Workshops, Discussion Pannel, Outdoor cinema, Mens & women circle


Our aim is that the gathering is carried by all of us, which in turn means that everyone collaborates during the gathering. After you have signed up we’ll send out more information and questions where you can let us know which of your personal gifts and talents you’d like to bring in. We will need people to make music, facilitate parts of the program (yoga, kirtan, ecstatic dance, ...), kitchen helpers and many other things.

Grandmother ceremony

We’d like that everyone who is coming for the gathering has the intention to join the ceremony. 

However we do understand that there will be personal reasons not to join which we will understand. Please let us know if you want to come but feel the ceremony is not your “cup of tea”..

not a Birthday party

From our first invitation it has been understood by many that this is a “birthday celebration” we want to clearly state that it is not a birthday party! The idea was only born, by talking about our 30th Birthday in 2020. But this gathering is based on the intention of bringing you all together with other outstanding beings that we have met on the path to connect and eventually drive positive change together.


We had the dream and goal to invite all of you fully. After the long search of a place and the prices we got we had to decide to distribute some costs between all participants. We will make a donation between 5000-7.000 € and the rest of the costs will need to be split between all of us. 

Friends with low incomes please contact us if you need help and we will find a solution. 

The additional cost per person would be around 250-350€. 

For food, medicine and accommodation. 

We’ll be transparent about the cost at all times, please check this estimate calculation:  → Link to Calculation.   

We will update this sheet later on with the actual costs.


Everyone who is coming will need to pay a non refundable 100€ registration contribution.

After the gathering you have the option to donate the amount you think is appropriate. 

Please let us know if you can come by 31.01.2020.

Only if we get more than 30 confirmations. We will book the venue. 

So please give as soon as possible a notice, if you are still interested to come. After you have paid the contribution you are registered and will receive further communication from our side.

As soon we booked the venue, please book your flights, ride shares, trains as early as you can. 


There might be many, please post your questions  in this FAQ document below so they will be answered by us and directly seen by everyone.

If you have a very personal question please contact us directly.


We do love kids, but we personally think, this is not a place for kids. Babies and very young kids can be around on your own responsibility. Please get in touch with us before!

Alcohol & Mobile phones

This is a conscious gathering therefore we kindly ask you to not bring & consume any alcohol.

We’ll have a separate area where we will put all our mobile phones for the time of the gathering. The area will be open and if you really need to use it,  you can get your phone and use it in that area.

For the rest we would like you to stay away from the phone and connect with nature and the beings around you.